Together We Thrive

We are thrilled to provide a fun, outdoor space that connects farmers to their customers! Did you know that on average farmers only receive 19 cents on the dollar when selling their produce conventionally? Crazy, right?! At farmers markets producers sell direct to their customers at a fair price for all. And it’s a fantastic way for you, the consumer, to get to know your farmer, their family, how they grow their produce and great ways to prepare and eat what you purchase. And, as if all this juicy goodness isn’t shopping at a local certified farmers market you are also boosting your local economy and supporting local agriculture production. Pretty sweet!


In addition to the farmers, we also showcase craft food and beverage makers and artisans bringing their handmade goods of all kinds. Many entrepreneurs get their start selling at a sweet little farmers market, it’s true! Ever heard of Dave’s Killer Bread, or Boom Chicka Pop popcorn? Both major brands that started at farmers markets, woot woot!! It’s a great way for creative start-ups to launch.

Last, but certainly not least, we are 100% committed to helping improve our communities health and wellness. Human connection is something so many of us are sorely lacking nowadays; it feels like screen time is much more prevalent than face-to-face time. Lack of human connection is a known cause of depression, loneliness and a major contributor to overall ill health. Peaceful Valley Farmers Market is a safe place to come and mingle with friends and enjoy the company of all that participate. Oh and you love live music and dancing? We do too and you’ll find it here; we are big fans of dancing like no no one is watching cause life is short and dancing feels good! Interested in yoga, meditation or massage? We have a short demonstration on different types of healing modalities and body movement every week. We’re bound and determined to help our community thrive in health and wellness and would be so honored if you’d join us!